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Volkswagen Passat tips (all)

Volkswagen Passat tips (all) Hello everyone. I am writing my first opinion and virishiv tse work for quiet people to think about getting a given car. Before that, I had two cars, VAZ 2112 and Mazda 3. Before…

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BMW 335 reviews

When choosing this car, I relied on the main criteria for me: eye-catching design, powerful engine, maximum vehicle equipment, comfortable handling, very fast automatic transmission and of course comfort while traveling. Today I want to dip you into…

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Aprilia Shiver tips

The maximum speed of 213 is gaining not painfully, it is already willing, but up to 170-180 without straining. Pleasantly surprised by fuel consumption, track 120-130 – 5.5l. I’m 173 cm tall in the morning, I’m not low,…